Internship FAQ


Students are required to complete a minimum of 10-week internship to fulfill their graduation requirements. There are specific requirements imposed by the different schools students belong to. You may enquire via employer@smu.edu.sg


Our Centre recommends a monthly allowance of $800-$1000. However, to be in competitively in line with MNCs and global banks, average allowance starts from $800 to $1500.
* Please note the stipend is not compulsory

CPF Exemption

Organisations accepting full-time matriculated or registered students of SMU as interns are exempted from CPF contributions. Interns will follow the normal office working hours of the host organizations. 

DKHMCC will issue a CPF exemption letter to host organisation upon confirmation of the internship stint. 

Work Pass Exemption for Internships during Vacation

Organisations may hire international students on student pass for internships during the stipulated vacation period according to the academic calendar and are not required to apply for a work pass for the internship.


All SMU students are covered under a Group Personal Accident Insurance policy (24-hour worldwide). In addition to this insurance coverage, host organisations may wish to cover the interns under their organisation’s insurance schemes. Details of the SMU’s insurance policy can be found here.


If host organisations require interns to travel overseas for business trips or training purposes during the internship stint, host organisations must inform DKHMCC of the trip in advance. Interns are required to have adequate travel insurance to cover the entire duration of the overseas internship stint.

However, you may wish to cover the students under your organisation’s insurance schemes, such as medical or workmen’s compensation.


Full-Time Employment FAQ


SMU uses the cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) criteria to recognize students with academic excellence and it is based on a 4.0 system.

Cumulative GPA  Awards
3.8+/4.0 Summa Cum Laude (With Highest Distinction)
3.60 – 3.79 / 4.0 Magna Cum Laude (High Distinction)
3.40 – 3.59 / 4.0  Cum Laude (Distinction)
3.20 – 3.39 / 4.0 High Merit
3.00 – 3.19 / 4.0 Merit

Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude are latin awards adopted from the US system, and can be translated as with Highest Distinction, with High Distinction, and with Distinction respectively.

All cum laude awards are highly selective. They do not equate to the various classes of degree honours conferred by universities that follow the British system of academic honours.

Dean’s List

Students who have recorded significant academic achievements in the academic year are acknowledged in the Dean’s List. To qualify, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or better over 2 consecutive regular terms during an academic year. 

Graduation Period 

SMU graduation period falls on two window period: December – January and May – September.  The bulk of our students graduate in the May – September period. 

SMU Statistical Highlights

Find out more on our SMU student statistics distributed by Programs, Degrees Awarded as well as our Student Population at www.smu.edu.sg/about