Purpose & Benefits of Internships

Purpose of Internships

Internship roles should ideally be an integral part of your organisation. Therefore, its purpose should be in line with your organisation’s philosophy and practice so it benefits your productivity, revenue and staffing goals.

These practice internships offer our students personal real world insights and exposures to actual working life, an experiential, foundation to their career choices, and the chance to build valuable business networks. All students complete a minimum 10-week stint in a business organization either locally or overseas. 

The typical internship period would be in the summer from mid April to mid August ranging between 10-16 weeks. Students could also take a semester off to embark on a local or overseas internship stint.

The average SMU student completed between 2 to 6 internships, attesting to the value these experiences bring. Our interns do not just learn, they value add with ideas and suggestions.  Many of them are talent-spotted and offered job by companies where they interned at even before they graduate.

Benefits of Internships to Employers 

Students can serve as a valuable resource for organisations to effectively bridge the gap imposed by the requirements of changing employment needs and fill immediate needs for labor sources.  

Other advantages are: 

  • Employers have excellent means to enhance their image and reap the benefits in their recruitment drive to hire potential quality employees.  During the internship stint, employers are given the opportunity to assess potential candidates & to further develop their technical competence for possible employment after graduation. 
  • Students can provide professional or para-professional staff support on short or long-term projects where it would not be advantageous to divert other qualified employees from their specialized areas. SMU undergraduates are flexible, and come highly qualified and prepared to cope with varied assignments.
  • The programme enables the University to develop a solid relationship with industry and pave the way for joint projects of mutual interest.
  • The programme is a good investment.  The success of an organisation depends upon the people in it.  SMU students are creative, highly motivated individuals.  Through mutual commitment and joint achievement, the effort put in by the organisation will reap positive benefits and be an investment for the future. 

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