What Employers Say about SMU Interns

Each year, hundreds of SMU students will be attached to various organisations, both local and overseas during their vacations, to serve their internships. The feedback we received about their performances have been very encouraging and these are what some of the employers have to say about SMU interns.

Lim Kong Wee, Bachelor of Business Management

Kong Wee was attached to the Cash Management Department. He was involved in various projects pertaining to customer database improvements, the redesign of various process flows, revamp of intranet contents and visuals.

"Kong Wee displayed tremendous interest and enthusiasm on the job, and it was positively felt by all team members. He was diligent, quick, analytical and offered many constructive suggestions to improve situations/work issues. He worked well under pressure and produced quality work consistently."

Mr Tan Teck Kim
Vice President, Head of Implementation
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited


Shen Shiling, Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management)

Shen Shiling, a 2nd year Information Systems student, was involved in the creation of internal communication strategies to address the needs of the internal user community of "InFlux", a methodology for running business processes.

"A hardworking yet tactical thinker, Shiling leveraged on her excellent communication skills to structure and position her ideas. Her strong relationship-building abilities will definitely be an asset to any organisation!"

Mr Mayank Gupta
Senior Technical Architect


Tham Jun Pak Benjamin, Bachelor of Science (Economics)

Tham Jun Pak Benjamin, 4th year Economics & Social Sciences student, had to explore power related opportunities and prepare a detailed report on four major countries where such proposals were available.

"Benjamin is a hardworking and conscientious student. In spite of various calamities during his stay in Mumbai, he was punctual and diligent in his work. He possesses team spirit and shows excellent results in working with other colleagues. He has prepared a 'Country Dossier' for four countries which can be used effectively for future reference and updates by us."

Mr Amulya Charan
Vice President (Business Development)
Tata Power Company Ltd
Mumbai, India


Chan Yihan Xanthe, Bachelor of Business Management

Xanthe did her internship at the Singapore Marriott Hotel. She assisted in the marketing and publicity/promotional campaigns of the hotel.

"Xanthe has been a great help in her internship with us. She displays initiative and a keen desire to learn. Her cheerful disposition and willingness to work with the team is an asset to the department. Xanthe is responsible in carrying out the duties and projects assigned to her and can be counted on to get a job done. She is bright, organized and tenacious."

Ms Kathrynn Koh
Manager, Marketing Communications
Singapore Marriott Hotel


Byron Jeremy Peter Chan, Bachelor of Business Management

Byron was attached to the Corporate Finance Department at Ernst & Young. He assisted with the liquidation procedures in the Members' Voluntary Liquidation assignments and provide financial and peer analysis for two research assignments.

"Byron has a good analytical mind and is able to provide a concise description of the drivers in the industry. He understands the tasks on hand very well and was able to compile information available to provide a meaningful insight to risks in the industry."

Ms Angela Ee, Director
Corporate Finance Department
Ernst & Young


Tan Si Yu Elista, Bachelor of Business Management

Elista worked as a summer intern at Citibank N.A. She assisted in the migration of trade pricing to Form Routing System, carried out analysis of irregularities in trade pricing and consolidated the outcome of pricing review.

"During her internship with Citibank, Elista demonstrated strong analytical skills, good mental capability and initiative in problem solving. She is a diligent worker with a positive work attitude who will excel in her future career path."

Ms Yap Kwee Hong
Assistant Vice President
Citibank N.A.


Chow Kuo Feng Dion, Bachelor of Business Management

As an intern with Singapore Airlines Limited, Dion's job involved gathering and analyzing data for the Inflight Service (Development) Department.

" Dion showed enthusiasm in his work and is eager to learn new knowledge. He has strong communication and good analytical skills."

Ms Sarah Seedsman
Manager Inflight Service (Development)
Singapore Airlines Limited


Chin Ying Wen, Bachelor of Business Management

Ying Wen's internship scope was to:

  • Provide consulting work to Japanese companies in setting up business in Shanghai and Suzhou;
  • Plan & organize marketing activities for financial training courses;
  • Organize seminars and events ( including Networking session for NTU professors visiting Shanghai; private banking & derivatives trading; IPO in S'pore);
  • Organize company visits for Wharton EMBA mission trip to Shanghai; and
  • Attend recruitment interviews with senior executives

"I was pleasantly surprised with her superb capabilities and intelligence. We have had experiences of working on internship programs with many other tertiary institutions from US, Japan, China and Singapore. Ying Wen (our student) is the best so far as compared to many of her peers. She demonstrated a high level of initiative and is able to deliver results on time whenever tasks and deadlines are given to her. She is a team player and well-liked by her colleagues in Shanghai. I sincerely congratulate you for having a student like Ying Wen and feel fortunate to have her during the internship period"

Mr Yong Kwek Ping
Chief Executive Officer
Inventis Shanghai Ltd


Annie Li, Bachelor of Business Management

Annie assist the HR department to improve on its' policy formulation and operational procedures and participated in the focus group to gather information for the formulation of HR strategies.

(translated)"Annie (our student) had a strong sense of responsibility and fitted her role in the organization well. She completed all the tasks given to her and was able to approach her work in an orderly manner. She worked independently. She had good communications and analytical skills and was willing to contribute good ideas. She has successfully organized and participated the HR focus group activities"

Ms Xu Lei (translated)
Deputy General Manager (HR)
Chun Fei Domestic Appliances Co. of Suzhou Ltd


Kee Koon Boon, Bachelor of Business Management

Koon Boon interned as an investment analyst requiring him to construct business plans and assign valuation on listed and unlisted companies, as well as making presentations to the clients. These are critical areas of work as they have a direct influence over the clients' financial decisions and transactions.

"In my 15 years of dealing with key financial people here and overseas, I have met few young people whose potential is seen almost immediately. If Singapore has more young people like Kee Koon Boon, our economic future is secured. Koon Boon is surprisingly well equipped in the techniques and tools of finance and investment - only experience is lacking but which time will fix. Importantly, he has the correct attitude and approach to his career and wealth building. I think he is a rare find in today's young people and has great potential. Aegis is impressed with his desire to succeed not just in terms of academic success. He has his sight on his future economic worth and enterprise."

Mr Tan Seng Hock
Chief Executive Officer
Aegis Portfolio Managers Pte Ltd


Adeline Chia, Bachelor of Business Management

Adeline worked as a summer intern in the Capital Markets Group at Citicorp Investment Bank (S) Ltd. She performed duties typical of an analyst within an investment bank such as research and analysis and other duties to support the team responsible for executing several debt raising transactions in the Singapore dollar bond market.

"...I found her (Adeline) to work well under pressure and displaying commitment to her work and the team. At all times, she demonstrated professionalism in her assignments and her dealings with other team members. In addition to the good interpersonal skills that she had demonstrated while dealing with peers and seniors, she has also gained the confidence and respect of the team as a colleague we can rely on. Overall, Adeline has performed exceptionally at her job."

Mr Lui Chong Chee
Managing Director
Citicorp Investment Bank (S) Ltd


Michael Goh, Bachelor of Business Management

Michael worked as an intern at Citibank GCB Consumer Research. He was tasked to conduct the Annual Competitor Audit on key financial products, which required contacting various banks and gathering materials and information for comparative analysis to identify key strengths and benefits.

"Michael has shown initiative and drive during his internship with Citibank. He has been a joy to work with. Given some guidance and the right opportunities, Michael will be an asset to any organization he joins."

Ms Fong Lai San
Citibank GCB Consumer Research


Tay Jein Yi, Bachelor of Business Management

Jein Yi was attached to the Sales Department of HP (S'pore). Her duties included:


  • Set up and augment the showcase of wireless applications in the eCommerce bazaar.
  • Update the HP business partners database
  • Conduct tours for VIP and customers
  • Prepare reports, analysis, on markets and competitions.
  • Organize PR/Marcom materials for presentations.

"Jein Yi is a cheerful worker with a positive attitude and good communications skills. Her contributions to our department have resulted in the fulfillment of some key business processes. She is a punctual worker, who likes to try new things in life and has the potential to demonstrate leadership in her future endeavors. We will certainly like to see her returning to HP and contributing to our organization."

Mr Kelvin Tan
HP (Sales) Singapore

Mr Kevin Tan's view about internship: "...the IT/telco industry is a very fast paced one and market conditions changes dynamically. Such exposure to the industry will prime interns to become more effective in the workforce. If interns can implement/apply skill sets learned from their attachment to their education environment, it will increase the relevance and also result in better retention of knowledge domain".

Nadir Ali Zafar, Bachelor of Business Management

Nadir was involved in two projects at the Sembcorp Logistics & HR Department.

  • Communication session of training and development policy and procedures
  • Review of performance appraisal system.

"Nadir is an excellent candidate, who is creative and sharp. He demonstrates excellent initiative. Nadir has a good sense of humor and is very adaptable and resourceful. We are very happy to have him work with us for these two months and would like to have him back again."

Mr Lau Yin Cheng
Vice President, HR
Administration and Strategic Development
Sembcorp Logistics


Ou Chunhua, NOL Scholar, Bachelor of Business Management

Chunhua assisted in searching for and compiling Market Research Information and monitoring competitive data. She also helped with the delivery center in Oakland to put data on their website. She also compiled an excellent country report on Korea.

"Chunhua has excellent work attitude. She accepts work readily and is quick in following up. She is an effective team worker. Her country report on Korea was thorough and very well done. I am well satisfied with the intern. Her attitude and work ethic were excellent. She is pleasant and easy to work with".

Mr Philip Low
Director, Market Research
Corporate Marketing


Ng Beng Yew, Bachelor of Business Management

Beng Yew was involved in the Customer Service Department of Great Eastern Life in their ISO 9001 project team. He visited, established and recorded the department's procedures diagrammatically. He attended meetings, took minutes and performed other administrative and co-ordination activities.

"We want to commend Beng Yew for his adaptability, commitment and positive attitude towards learning. He is not afraid of hard work and often puts in extra hours on his own accord. His diligence and creativity made him a true asset. His passion for his work is commendable. He mixes well and is a good team player. In short Beng Yew has performed way beyond our expectations. We would consider offering him employment after his graduation.."

Ms Wong Pei Chen
Great Eastern Life