Finishing Touch (FT) Programme

For Students Admitted in AY 2019/2020 onwards

The mandatory Finishing Touch (FT) Programme prepares undergraduates throughout their four-year course of studies in employability skills and gears them towards career success.

Undergraduates enrolled from AY2019/2020 onwards are required to complete the following online learning units on eLearn: 
a) Reflective Practice Unit (RPU): offers guidance on how to pen meaningful reflections that capture the highlights of your co-curricular experiential learning throughout your SMU life. This module is a prerequisite before attempting the online internship readiness and community service modules.

*Remember to activate your Anthology Portfolio after completing your Reflective Practice Unit (RPU) on eLearn (For students admitted in AY2021/2022)

**Anthology Portfolio account will automatically be activated before the start of your first co-curricular activity (Community Service Project, Internship, or any other CCA). (For students admitted in AY2022/2023 onwards)

b) Five Internship Readiness Modules (collectively known as Foundational FT Programme)

  • Self-Discovery and Basic Career Planning (IRM101)
  • Creating and Managing your Professional Digital Footprints (IRM102)
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing (IRM103)
  • Job Search Strategies (IRM104)
  • Interviewing Skills (IRM105)

are aimed at imbuing students with employability fundamentals. Its successful completion would allow students to be eligible to embark on internships.

c) e-Internship briefing and quiz

Successful completion of all above modules would allow students to embark on internships.

To further supplement the online learning, DKHMCC also offers optional workshops which are fielded regularly in each academic term for students to be equipped with the soft skills needed to be ready for the Future of Jobs. These suite of other advance topic or enrichment-type workshops are offered under the Modular FT Programme.

Process Flow Administered by the Dato’ Kho Hui Meng Career Centre (DKHMCC), the Finishing Touch (FT) programme is mandatory for all SMU undergraduates and aims to provide depth, practice, choice and some specialization with your career readiness needs in mind. Our five mandatory online Internship Readiness Modules (Foundational FT) and optional workshops (Modular FT) prepare you for internships, job applications, the associated selection process and, more importantly, your future career success. The FT programme is a graduation requirement. The completion of Reflective Practice Unit, the five online Internships Readiness Modules and e-Internship Quiz on eLearn is a prerequisite prior for embarking on your first recognized internship. Internship carries 1 Credit Unit (CU) for all undergraduate degree programmes except the Bachelor of Laws.

Information on Modular FT and the registration mode will be made available through emailer announcement. Voluntary sign-up is available in OnTRAC II > Events > Workshops.

Please follow the below steps to complete the FT programme in time for your first internship.

For students admitted in AY2019/20 and AY2020/21

FT Programme flowchart rev 17 Aug for AY2019 to AY2020


For students admitted in AY2021/22

FT Programme flowchart rev 17 Aug for AY2021


For students admitted in AY2022/23 onwards

FT Programme flowchart rev 17 Aug for AY2022


For Students Admitted before AY 2019/2020

Students enrolled before AY 2019/20 will undergo the Finishing Touch (FT) programme as a graduation requirement and not as a for-credit course.

As a degree requirement, the FT will have a "Pass/Fail" grade. Undergraduates are required to complete and achieve a “Pass” grade for all seven FT workshops (or their equivalent Internship Readiness Modules (IRMs)). This will be reflected in the transcript upon graduation. Failing to complete any degree requirement within your SMU candidature will potentially delay your graduation.

Upon completion of the minimum FT degree requirement, undergraduates may progress to optional workshops (Modular FT) to prepare students in their senior years with the skills crucial in their job application process. These optional workshops do not form part of the FT degree requirement and registration is voluntary. Information on Modular FT and the registration mode will be made available through emailer announcement. Voluntary sign-up is available in OnTRAC II > Events > Workshops.

Students can also tap on the library resources for career planning.

FT Workshop

IRM Equivalent Learning Units

FTW101 Self-Discovery and Awareness

IRM101 Self-Awareness and Basic Career Planning

FTW102 Career Planning

FTW201 Job Search Strategies

IRM104 Job Search Strategies

FTW202 Resume and Cover Letter Writing

IRM103 Resume and Cover Letter Writing

FTW203 Social Etiquette and Groom for Success

Not applicable

FTW204 Personal Branding and Networking Skills

IRM102 Creating and Managing Your Professional Digital Footprint

FTW205 Interviewing Skills

IRM105 Interviewing Skills