Internships and You

What is an internship?
It is an intentional supervised learning related to one's field of study and career goals. Internships can be a very structured learning experience or they can be designed to meet the expectations of the student. Internships can be done locally or overseas, part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid. Internships can be done during the academic year or during the summer & winter breaks. The one thing all good internship opportunities have in common is that they provide students with career-related work experience.

Why is Internship Important?
Look at job postings and ask potential employers what do they look out for in a potential employee? The answer would mostly likely be EXPERIENCE .

But how do you get a job without experience, and how do you get experience without a job?

How should you get started?

What are your career choices?

The first thing to do is to explore and experience a field where you think you want to begin through the SMU Internship Programme.

You are encouraged to make full use of this opportunity to synergize classroom theory, personal skill and genuine career-related work experience. Seek out "real world" assignments that extend your learning experience into areas that are not available in the classroom. Look for programmes that help you learn and integrate what you learn, focusing on outcomes and results; and what you can achieve if you participate.

Goals of Internship
Before you embark on your internship, it is helpful to ask yourself what you hope to gain out of that experience. Your goals could be

  • To sharpen your skills
  • To experience working in a real-world work environment

It is wise to utilise a variety of methods when seeking an internship and to pursue opportunities with persistence and confidence. The quality of your experience, the skills you develop, and your motivation and enthusiasm are ultimately the most important.

When should I do an Internship?
Typically, the summer vacation of end-April to mid-August each year is when most students would serve their full-time internship attachments with organizations. Internships can be done at any point in a student's academic career, after completing 2 semesters of course work. While some internship opportunities are available only to senior-year students, this should not deter Freshman and Sophomores from seeking out these valuable experiential, education opportunities.

Who can I talk to?
A Career Coach!
You can approach any of the officers in DKHMCC for assistance. For specific questions regarding internships, make an appointment with your career coach.

There's a lot to gain, make full use of the programme!