Our Centre can assist you in self-assessment, career exploration, career decision-making and planning, and in acquiring job-hunting techniques. Whether you are in the initial stage of choosing a career, researching for options, struggling to make a decision or ready to hit the road with a job search plan, you are encouraged to consult with a career counsellor.

Individual appointment can be arranged with our Centre. Any information exchanged between the student and the counsellor is considered personal and confidential. No information is released without the student's permission.

The following concerns may be addressed by counsellors in counselling sessions:

Career Planning/Self-Assessment
Assist you to assess your talents, interests, skills and values and identify potential careers that match the your profiles. You will be guided carefully amidst the myriad of confusing messages they may be receiving about careers from friends, family and the media.

Exploring Careers
Work with you to develop your ideas about a career and offer advice on researching careers and approaching the job search. You will be informed on the variety of career and job search resources available in the career resource library, homepage and the Internet.

Résumé Writing
Offer advice and review cover letters and résumé.

Interviewing Skills
Prepare you for an interview by discussing the guidelines or arranging for a mock interview. Commonly-asked questions in an interview may be reviewed and practiced to give you confidence for the interview